This page contains all of the stories, as in written stories typed up on applications such as Google Drive.

Stories List

  1. How did it come to the Continuum?
  2. Chaos Origins
  3. The War of Yan
  4. Rogers's SCP Foundation
  5. Rogers's SCP Foundation: Aftermath
  6. Ywher Crisis
  7. The small spark in the Continuum
  8. Rogers Begins
  9. Uheia's Rebirth
  10. Vekteus VS Uheia
  11. Prisoners of the Void
  12. Bend-sphere
  13. Continuum's Protection
  14. Dividing Divine
  15. Creatures of Sigma Orionis

Tales of the ROBLOX SCPverse

  1. Alexa Beta
  2. Site-13's Explorers
  3. The Document of Yanaxulap (Wiki version)
  4. History of Solemn Isle
  5. Uheia's Nest
  6. Secret Planet of Sigma Orionis
  7. Legend of the Secret Ultimate Weapon
  8. New Generation of Dogs (Script Story)
  9. Never Drink Alcohol
  10. Rebirth of Slendytubbies
  11. What is this Thing?
  12. Secretive Tapes
  13. Taken: A Slenderman Story
  14. Return of Baba Yaga
  15. Download App

Who is who

  1. Who is Vekteus
  2. Who is Uheia
  3. Who is Druzouc
  4. Who are the Dragoraptors
  5. Who is Indominusraptor